Best Menu

Introducing Yadllie’s signature menu

Amazing Platter

Soft and tenderl fried chicken and local sirloin steak. Various sauces and French fries!

Glory Platter

Best combination of Rich grilled beef, onion with fresh texture, paprika, and button mushrooms.

Yadllie Original Chicken

Yadllie’s representative chicken, which has been loved for a long time for its crispy outside and soft inside.

Yadllie Yogurt Chicken

Very tasty! A wonderful combination that melts sweet and dazzlingly!


Why Yadllie

3 reasons why Yadllie is special

Yadllie Chicken is healthier
because of its thin batter

Well-being homemade chicken
made with 17 natural ingredients

Nice store interior
like cafe

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